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There are tons of carpet cleaners out there cleaning in so many ways with so many which one do you choose?

We're going to help give you the empowering education to make sure you choose the best cleaning company for your needs.

The BIGGEST Misconception: It's all about "Price"

Many people needing cleaning services are only interested in price. The problem with that is you get what you pay for.

Bait & Switch is a phrase that tends to run rampent in our industry. And now that you know it you can protect yourself against it.

Why does one company charge $9 per room, then another $15 a room and still another $40 a room?

It's because some companies "Bait" you with a low price, then send out highly trained sales people to "Switch" you (or scare you) into buying more things. "Mrs. Jones...I found some really bad stains that need me to use this special treatment method to get it out...oh, and we will need to use a special pre-treatment to get the high traffic areas clean." If you're looking at a the fine print!

The fine print usually goes something like this: "Steam Clean. Extra Charge For Additional Chemical Treatments."

Take a couple minutes and watch this investigation on Bait & Switch scams...

Why don't they just tell you how much it's going to cost per square foot of cleanable carpet? Every room is a different size and has different amounts of furniture. That's what we do here at Carpet Medic Cleaning Company. You're not going to pay for an area that won't be cleaned (like under a bed or dresser).

What Cleaning Method Should "YOU" Use?

Your floors are your homes' natural filter. Think of where you walk in a day: streets...sidewalks...grass...dirt...?

Icky things stick to your shoes and get tracked in to the house and fall onto your floors. Just because you don't see it, does not mean it's not there. These kinds of things take a professionally trained cleaner to get rid of.

Not just carpets but hardwood and laminate flooring cannot fully be cleaned with just a weekly wet Swiffering or by using some product off a hardware store shelf. Yucky things get deep into the cracks. That is where we at Carpet Medic Cleaning Company pay special attention to detailing.

When cleaning your hard flooring, we use the latest professional grade strippers, intensive deep cleaners, pro-rinse solutions, and (when required) protectors and polishes.

When cleaning your carpets, we need to correct the terminology. The method known as "Steam Cleaning" is not and should not be called "steam cleaning" at all. There is a bit of steam (when done right) but that is NOT what is happening...we are not "steam cleaning" your carpet.

The proper description is called "Hot Water Extraction". This is the method recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and the method used by Carpet Medic Cleaning Company. A hot pH balanced water is injected into your carpet to blast dirt and germs off the fibers, then it is immediately extracted back out along with the dirt. This is the simplest description.

Shaw Industries, the worlds largest carpet manufacturer, suggests the use of "Hot Water Extraction" and so should you. Click below to see some excerpts from the Shaw Floors website:


Equipment Is So Critical

When we talk about the Hot Water Extraction method, there are 3 VERY important things to consider:

  1. Temperature
  2. Pressure
  3. Vacuum

These 3 things are so important, that our machine manufacturer put them at the top of the machine dashboard (see them on the right).

      • A controlled (usually very high) temperature is needed to help detach the dirt.
      • A controlled pressure is also needed but this step needs consideration because: too much pressure can push the water and dirt too deep into the carpet; while too little will not help detach the dirt.
      • Strong vacuum is used to extract the water, dirt, germs and other junk out of the carpet.

It's Like bringing A Shower To Your Floor

Matthew's favorite example of how the hot water extraction system works: Imagine you're going to take a shower and wash your hair. You warm the water...get your hair wet...shampoo it to a nice lather...then rinse it (and the dirt and oils) away. Well that's just about what we do. We vacuum and big stuff we can see...we use a pre-spray (get the hair wet and prepare for extraction)...then we use the aggitation to break all the bad stuff loose...then we rinse it away (we just use the 'vacuum' to suck it out since we don't have a drain).

You wouldn't use a spray bottle with soda-water and spritz it onto your hair...then rub a towel around and (hope) any dirt and oil finds it's way onto the towel..then just keep spreading that towel around your head until you think it's dirty then try another towel --- would you?

If that made sense and you answered No, then Carpet Medic Cleaning Company is your cleaner of choice.

Hangin' With The Big-Boys

Here's a little comparison chart to help show that Carpet Medic Cleaning Company's system is far superior:

Rug Doctor X3

Bissel Proheat

Galaxy 2000KX-HR

Panther 14hp

Everest 650hp
Description Rental Home Owned Portable Truckmount (low end) Truckmount (high end)
Rental Cost $29-$39/day N/A N/A N/A N/A
Retail Cost (Purchase) $599-$749 $199-$599 $2,119 $5,999 $29,999
Soaps Cost (Range) $9-$79 $7-$79 N/A N/A N/A
Weight 36-44 lbs 25 lbs 130 lbs 350 lbs 1300lbs
Soap Tank Capacity 2.6-3.7 gal 1/2 gal 12 gal unlimited unlimited
Recovery Tank Capacity 3.1-4.8 gal 3/4 gal 12 gal 75 gal unlimited
Fill Coverage 118-159 sq ft not provided unlimited unlimited unlimited
Brush/Wand Width 9.25-11.25" 11" 11-12" 11-14" 11-16"
Electricty Draw 120v 12amps 120v 12amps 120v 17amps N/A N/A
Max Water Temp. Hot Tap Water Heated Hot Tap Water Heated Hot Tap Water 200 deg F 250 deg F
Max Water Pressure 28-32 psi not provided 200 psi 2500 psi 3000 psi
Water Lift 101" not provided 190" see below see below
Vacuum Motor Power/CFM see above not provided not provided 202 cfm 650 cfm
Engine Motor Power (HP) 1.74 hp 1.5 hp 3 hp 14 hp 69 hp
Distance from Unit Self Contained Self Contained 25 ft 250 ft 600 ft
Max Users at Same Time 1 1 1 1 2

Matthew's Notes:  

Disclaimer (so any name-brands listed don't come knocking on my door): I have used each one of the products listed. I obtained the specifications from their websites. The "Notes" are just my thoughts on them. Others may have their own thoughts and should not be swayed by me. Take it for what it notes.
Okay for big spots or maybe single room between professional cleanings, but the work does not make them beneficial for a deep cleaning and leave soap behind. Okay for small spots or simple room between professional cleanings, but these lack any kind of real power and leave soap behind. Okay for a professional as a regular maintenance unit, like in a commercial building where people spill their coffee and sodas, but are alot of work in filling with water and dumping dirty water. In a trained pro's hands, a good maintenance option. A low end truckmount good for many jobs. Still has limitations, and smaller units do not generate enough consistent hot water or provide enough vacuum when needed. This is the unit we use at Carpet Medic. This is the best of the truckmounts. Hot water fast, very adjustable pressure: very low for carpet & upholstery but high for pressure washing concrete...while providing near-instant vacuum which is essential when extracting carpets.

If a smaller unit would work for us we wouldn't have spent almost $30K to reduce limitations.


Matthew says: "I know there is a great deal of info on this page, I just cannot express the importance of knowledge BEFORE you let anyone in to handle such an important part of your life and your health."


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